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The Cheeseburgers
play the music of Jimmy Buffett
original songs and your favorite Rock ’n Roll
It’s the attitude, not the latitude, that makes the party fun!

The Cheeseburgers

  The Cheeseburgers, named for the iconic Jimmy Buffett tune Cheeseburger in Paradise, are a tribute to Jimmy Buffett and his laid back island philosophy. A musical mix of Buffett, Caribbean, original songs and your favorite rock tunes. They're a self-contained party island, located southeast of Disorder and next to St. Somewhere -- singing songs of boats, bars, beaches, babes and bad behavior.
  With six vocalists, keyboard, guitar, groovin' bass and a driving beat, you'll be up and dancing and singing along.
  The Cheeseburgers have played shows all over the Northwest and opened twice for Jimmy Buffett at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
  Their live show is a carnival of sound, color and motion. When the Cheeseburgers play, the world is a happier place, where the breezes are warm, the smiles are easy, and you can dance and sing in the sun for a while.


The Cheeseburgers 2013