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Lyrics to "Patio Dance"


I'm glad this guitar can play itself, 'cause I sure couldn't do it without some help
I can't recall what verse I'm on; can't even remember the name of the song
I hate waking up in the middle of the show, when we've got two more hours to go
I can't fly this bird alone; automatic pilot take us home...(automatic)
It's hard to steer when you know you're lost
It's hard to see when your eyes are crossed
It's hard to believe we all got this way; hard to believe that we can still play
Busting strings and dropping sticks, forgetting words and losing picks
But I know we can bring her in; automatic pilot's kicking in....(automatic)
Musicians since the dawn of time have played their songs and drunk their wine
And it comes to pass sometimes these things get out of hand
But the show it must go on, so even when our minds are gone
That automatic pilot's there; been hiding in our brain somewhere
He keeps that music in the air and brings us back to land...(automatic)
I hope I don't act too much the fool; I hope I don't stumble, hope I don't drool
I'm in the zone, in a musical trance; I'm starting to believe I know how to dance
I know I can play these tunes, even when I'm running on fumes
Is it just a fable, or is it real? Automatic pilot, take the wheel...(automatic)


1. Baby, you were right, when you said the world was cruel
And you were right, when you said everyone loves a fool
And you were right, when you said love would set you free
But baby, you've always been wrong about me
2. Baby, you were right, when you said temptations come along
And you were right, when you said that love makes you strong
And you were right, when you said how love ought to be
But baby, you've always been wrong about me
BRIDGE: You never have believed me when I say I'm being true
You never have believed, that all I want is you
You think someday you're gonna catch me in the act
I hate to tell you, Honey, but you're wrong about that
3. Baby, you were right, when you said there ain't no easy road
And you were right; we all need someone to share the load
But sometimes, I wish I could make you see
That, baby, you've always been wrong about me
BRIDGE 2: You're always waiting for me when I pull up to the gate
Where have you been? Don't you know it's late?
You think I've been playing with a new girlfriend
But baby, baby, you're wrong again (Verse 3 or whatever)
(last line) But baby, you've always been wrong about me
Baby, you've always been wrong about me.


1. It was just one night; just a little mistake
You were a college girl in Mexico on the spring break
Fifteen people in a room for two; the drinks were cheap and the sky was blue
You'd had 12 margaritas and you wanted to flirt
You saw the video man and you lifted your shirt
You rolled your eyes and you waggled your tongue
You shouted your hometown at the top of your lungs
Then you went back to college and the weeks went by
When a late night cable show caught your eye
They blocked out the chest but the face was you
A girl going wild, down in old Cancun
CHORUS: ( You were a late night video star
                 When you flashed the camera
                 Drunken madness 'neath the Mayan moon
                 You going wild down in old Cancun)
2. You were on vacation; just having fun
But you're a college girl; not supposed to be dumb
And if your daddy ever sees that show
You gonna lose your sweet deal on Sorority Row
The girls they whisper; the boys point and stare
Your teachers all have copies; it's just not fair!
There's men with binoculars outside your room
Since you went wild, down in old Cancun (CHORUS)
(Bad decision 'neath the Mayan moon; what were you thinking down in old Cancun?)


1. Summertime, everybody's hot, and we're gonna get hotter yet
When we throw a party, we all party hearty; guaranteed you'll never forget
We use Cap'n Bubba's margarita machine; we serves 'em in a plastic glass
We got the barbecue down by the pool; that's the Cheeseburgers' patio dance
CHORUS: Come on down to our back yard
Wear your Hawaiian shirt and short pants
Just like in Livingston Saturday night, it's a Cheeseburger patio dance
It's a Cheeseburger (Cheeseburger!) Cheeseburger (Cheeseburger!)
Cheeseburger patio dance
It's a Cheeseburger (Cheeseburger!) Cheeseburger (Cheeseburger!)
Cheeseburger patio dance
BRIDGE: The place is looking just right. Tiki torches and tropical trees
I think we're gonna dance all night; dance 'til we fall to our knees
Stuffed parrots and flowered shirts, flip flops, tank tops and hula skirts
The ladies are styling and we have a ball; yeah, we fuel it up with alcohol
CH: Come on down to our back yard , for some Caribbean romance
Ain't nobody going home tonight from this CB patio dance (2nd half chorus)
2. We are the CBs, hot off the grill; if you won't party then we know who will
We ain't quittin' 'til we've had our fill; this is a CBs patio dance (2nd half chorus)


1. Cinco De Mayo at a Ramada Inn; it's a dangerous time for a man with no friends
No hope for the future, and a shadowy past
And Cinco De Mayo is coming too fast-ay, ay, ay, ay
It's some kind of holiday in old Mexico
And why we're all partying I don't really know
But I've played every inn, from Red Lion to Shiloh
From 4th of July to Cinco De Mayo
REFRAIN: Ay, ay, ay, ay....ay, ay, ay, ay....ay, ay,ay,ay ....
2. There's a girl in the hallway with a cellular phone
Talking and laughing, though she's all alone
She's wants to convince us that she's got a friend
But I don't think there's anyone on the other end...ay, ay, ay, ay
And there is a couple; they don't know where they are
He's watching the tube and she's face down on the bar
Just another anniversary, gone so awry-o, and ending right here on Cinco De Mayo
3. There's dozens of people here, dressed up so fine
Drinking Mexican beer, and California wine
Crying "Ole", and shouting "La Bamba",
Joking and flirting and trying to samba
In the heat of the evening, they rise once again
To the same old music, with the same old friends
Got their gas from Alaska, and tires from Ohio
To drive them all here on Cinco De Mayo (REFRAIN, twice)


CHORUS: The river is wide, the water so cold.
The day is so long; the day's getting old
My eyes fill with darkness, but my hand is strong
Give my song a heart; give my heart a song
1. Young man, will your time last forever?
Young man, will your life just go on and on?
Young man, is each moment not precious
But you won't begin to count them 'til they're nearly gone (CHORUS)
 2. Young woman, you will dance in the morning
Young woman, you will dance in the sun
And your dance, it will bring us healing, and comfort when this long day is done


CHORUS: Climb on board' we're looking for treasure
Sometimes all you get is a moment's pleasure
All over the globe our flags are unfurled
It's as good as it gets in an imperfect world
1. In a perfect little town, at the perfect time
I grew up with that perfect little family of mine
A white picket fence and a red brick school,
Church on Sunday and the Golden Rule
But growing up happens, and growing up's hard
Things were really different when I left the front yard
I thought it was clear just where I belonged; I found out I was perfectly wrong
2. My path lay before me, perfectly aligned
Not a bump in the road of this life of mine
But I got to college; awakening was rude; all my perceptions got a little skewed
Started hanging out with freaks and losers; habitual hippies, perpetual boozers
That dancing life grabbed me by the hand, almost like it was perfectly planned
3. Now the time has gone by but I'm not done; all in all it's been a pretty good run
It's like living in a big cartoon; singing in the light, howling at the moon
Life isn't perfect; it never has been; that's just a silly dream you have when you begin
But if you get out there and fight the good fight
One day you'll see you were perfectly right (CHORUS)  


1. You could promise me the moon, I'll believe you
'Cause I've never had the strength to leave you
Wouldn't want to face the days without you in my life
So come on, darling, love me any way you like...you like
2. Seen you laughing with your girlfriends
Seen you dancing 'cross the floor
Seen your hair hang down in the moonlight
But I don't ever want to see you walking out that door...oh, no
Walking out that door.... (solo)
3. Everybody's got to have their freedom
Love don't grow no clinging vine, no
Everybody's got to have somebody-yeah
Though I wasn't sure about that 'til you put your lips to mine.....you're mine
Verse 1 (Heart to leave you)
You could promise me the moon; I'll believe you (4X)


1. 7 miles to landfall, 7 miles behind; I got time
8 hours to sunset, 8 hours since first light; I got time
Time to contemplate just where the time has gone
Time to watch the waves and write this song
Such a rare occurrence, when I can free my mind; I got time;   I got time
2. The fussing and the feuding, I left all that behind; I got time
The wheeling and the dealing, the squealing of small minds; I got time
Time to contemplate just where my life has led. Time to hear the music in my head
I can feel the mainspring starting to unwind; I got time; I got time
BRIDGE: We're always waiting for better days
They'll be coming soon, we like to say
And while we wait, time slips away until our days are gone
We always miss the point somehow; it's always here, it's always now
The spray it hits the starboard bow and I am sailing on.......
3. 50 years behind me, a couple more to go; I don't know
Stories I've related, and stories still untold; you'll never know
I'm not wond'ring where this day is gonna lead
Right now I've got everything I need
6 miles to landfall, a thousand miles behind; I got time. I got time


1. She sat there in silence as shadows grew long
He scanned the horizon for what lay beyond
She tried to make conversation but couldn't begin
He was too sad to smile and to tired to pretend
They were dreaming; dreaming of starting again
2. She searched though her mem'ry for where it went wrong
He searched for the feelings that once were so strong
She thought of a song that had once made her smile
He wished the old days would come back for a while
They were dreaming; dreaming of starting again
CHORUS: Starting again; what's gone is gone
And they both know that it's time to move on
They're so afraid to let it all end
But that doesn't stop them from dreaming of starting again
3. They wanted to talk but it all had been said
They sat in the silence and took to their bed
She recalled the passion that once ruled their nights
He remembered it too as he turned off the lights
They were dreaming; dreaming of starting again
CH 2: Starting again; it's plain as day, if wishes were horses they'd both ride away
They stay on and hope; ignore and pretend
But that doesn't stop them from dreaming; dreaming of starting again


1. We wonder what makes sailors leave the comfort of their homes
To live a life so hard and cruel; to always be alone
They are drawn into that life, like moths into the flame
And when they make the sea their home, they never are the same.
2. We listen to their stories, of places far away
Even when they're lying, we listen anyway
We keep their wine a-flowing; it's music to our ears
And wonder 'bout what could have been, in our younger years
CHORUS: Wishing we were sailors, but afraid to leave the land
Talking like we're pirates, but we never take a stand
Others' wild adventures are the lives we never lead
We're all wishing we were sailors, but we never go to sea
3. Some will take the beaten path, and walk it long and well
Some will take their parents' dreams and blow them all to Hell
The course is never perfect; never clear, it's never set
But the greatest treasure is a life with no regrets
4. There's sailors all around us; in the streets and fields and skies
We know them by their attitude; the look that's in their eyes
So take your dreams and make them real; don't wait a minute more
Or one day you will find yourself stranded on the shore
CHORUS: Wishing we were sailors, but content to watch the waves
Leaving far horizons to the foolish and the brave
Standing by the ocean, so huge and wild and free
Wishing we were sailors, but we never go to sea
Wishing we could wander, wherever the wind blows
Wishing we were sailors; steady as she goes.


Seven o'clock on a Friday; they're three deep at the bar
Nobody's buying the lady a drink, 'cause her date's passed out in the car
They're playing the radio too damn loud, and you still can't hear the song
Willie and Joe are talking trash; they'll be fighting again before long
The bartender's filling those pitchers, and tossing those fake IDs
And you can get a smile from the waitress; that's all you're gonna get for free
CHORUS:And there ain't nothing wrong with any of that; it ain't no capital crime
Just kicking off another weekend, working that Overtime
2. I'm rolling over toes with the hand truck, 'cause nobody gets out of the way
We got no stage, just a spot in the corner where we can set up and play
And when we're playing, the dance floor's swaying, it's a beautiful sight to see
'Til somebody falls on the drum kit; and I'm glad that the drummer ain't me
But there ain't no stopping; the whole place is hopping
And the band is rocking tonight
We're all just acting like nothing happened, 'til somebody unplugs the lights
CH 2: These people ain't mean, they're just blowing off steam
They been working hard for every dime
They're gonna wonder where it went tomorrow
When they were working that Overtime
3. The bass man started too early; he better not have any more
Keyboard player's forgetting the words he's sung a hundred times before
Guitar player's on the wrong fret, but nobody seems to mind
And the drummer's there on the same stage, but his mind's in another time
And Jimmy's looking down and smiling, 'cause in Heaven there ain't no beer
He may be gone but the party goes on and there ain't no strangers here.
CHORUS: And there ain't nothing wrong with any of that; it ain't no capital crime
This is what we been waiting for; this is our time to shine
And when Monday morning comes crashing down
We know it's gonna work out fine
If we can make it to another weekend, we'll be working that overtime